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Tonkotsu Ramen

We have worked countless hours on our 16 hour pork broth. Our Tonkotsu broth is seasoned with shoyu tare and complimented with traditional thin straight noodles. Choose from three spicy levels to give your ramen a kick!

Spicy Seafood Ramen

We are proud to bring K-Town’s first Spicy Seafood Ramen to you! Our homemade seafood tare (essence), fresh black mussels, shrimp and calamari, bok choy and bean sprouts will not only cure the worst hangovers, it will also make your taste buds scream for more.

Tengoku Basic

Tengoku Basic comes with our 16-hour Tonkotsu broth, handcrafted noodles, chashu, naruto and green onions. Build your perfect bowl starting with the Tengoku Basic by adding your favorite toppings!

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Los Angeles Times

Arcadia’s new ramen restaurant: Kaizen Dining Group, the owners of Kabuki restaurant chain, has opened a ramen restaurant called Tengoku Ramen Bar… Click to see the article. 


Discover Los Angeles

It wouldn’t be a stretch to declare Los Angeles as the best place to enjoy ramen in the United States. Long gone are notions of the dehydrated… Click here to read the full article.

Korea Daily

그는 차별화 된 ‘텐고쿠 라멘’ 맛의 비결을 육수라고 강조한다. 닭과 돼지뼈 등을 넣어 무려 16시간을 푹 끓여 만든 육수는 텐고쿠 라멘 만의 무기다… Click here to read the article.

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